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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Loud Report: Transient, "Palm Cuts" vols. 1 through 5
This week's Loud Report is not about the music as such, although it's competent electronica that reminds me of a low-fi Hexstatic or Wagon Christ at times. What it's about is this: the songs on all five volumes of Palm Cuts were produced entirely on what used to be known as a Palm Pilot. Bhajis Loops is an app of French origin which, out of necessity, beats a lot of PC-based sequencers I've seen for clarity of interface and ease of use. It covers the analog-synth emulation bases a la the now-venerable ReBirth, then gets all the way into high-quality sampled sounds and Acid-style loop-based arrangements - all on a machine not much larger than a pack of cigarettes. So, like the man says, this is what it sounds like when the future lands on you. [Edited to add: oh crap, there's six of them!]
:: posted by Mike Sugarbaker, 1:37 PM Comments (1)
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