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Friday, June 17, 2005

The Loud Report: Dosh, "You Can't Make Me Cry"
I'll venture a generalization and say that, as indie instrumental hip-hop producers go, the ones signed to Anticon tend not to sound like they could back a car commercial. That's starting to change, but, well, long story short: I heard a track by Dosh on the Res DVD this month, over some motion-graphics house's demo reel. (Hey, free band name for you - the Motion Graphics.) It had all the quirks, richness and originality that make up the Anticon pedigree, but yeah, it still sounded like it belonged on that demo reel. And did I mention it was dope? Anyway, that track's not here, nor is anything else from his latest release Pure Trash. So instead, take an enjoyable step back into the history of post-rock-influenced four-track electronica, with "You Can't Make Me Cry." As befits Dosh's history with Minneapolis' indie-folk turntablism outfit Fog, it's highly textured and noisy, and just as highly musical. It makes me really excited to check out Pure Trash, if that means more of the same with fatter beats.
:: posted by Mike Sugarbaker, 10:09 PM Comments (0)
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