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Friday, May 27, 2005

Morpheus meets his end in Matrix Online
MTV.com reports that Morpheus, the character played by Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix movies, has been killed off in the Matrix Online massively mulitiplayer game.
Morpheus' demise was not without controversy. In the days leading up to it, the developers' live team, who orchestrate the game's big monthly story-advancing moments, carried out a Wachowski-Chadwick plot that had Morpheus, in the words of some users, "turning terrorist." According to storyline, Morpheus wanted to reclaim the body of the fallen Neo, which was being held by the Matrix's machine overlords. Morpheus tried to pressure cooperation by planting bombs throughout the Matrix infrastructure. That's how the live team, including developers who controlled Morpheus himself, set things up. Players aligned with the game's three factions the establishment Machines, the maverick Exiles, and even Morpheus' own group, the emancipating Zionists had been assigned by their in-game leaders to defuse the bombs and stop the out-of-control digital Laurence Fishburne. But not everyone wanted to stop him.
Unlike the various Star Wars games and other movie licenses, the Matrix game is in full continunity with the films, so any future Matrix movies would presumably reflect these events.

[via Slashdot Games]
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 3:53 PM Comments (0)
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