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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

EyeQ: A Third Eye In Your Car Can Save Your Life
When you're driving your car, you might be distracted by something or even feeling sleepy, moving out from your lane or forced to brake suddenly to avoid an imminent collision. Radar technology exists to help you, but it's too expensive to be installed in ordinary cars. So what about some assistance from a single camera on a chip?

This is what has developed Prof. Amnon Shashua of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "The chip operates in conjunction with a video camera that is mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle and that sends information on what it sees to an on-board computer containing the EyeQ chip."

Shashua is currently working with major car manufacturers to integrate the technology into production, for example to send warning signals to drivers shifting from their lanes or to lock their seat belts and add extra pressure on the brake pedal in the event of an imminent crash. And one day, such cameras might become standard safety gear for cars, like air bags or seat belts.

You'll find more details and references in this overview, including a picture of a car equipped with such a system.
:: posted by Roland Piquepaille, 1:33 PM Comments (0)
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