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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Laser Based Display System
The BBC is reporting that an American company has developed a display system which utilizes lasers beamed directly into the user's eye. This allows for high-definition, high-quality HUDs (heads-up displays) which don't interfere with the user's perception of the real world.

I remember reading about some research the University of Washington was doing on this years ago...and lo and behold, the article says that the company licensed the tech from U-Dub.

I also remember reading a fictional version of this in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash back in the day. Since Stephenson lives in the Seattle area -- and hangs out with geeky engineering types, as far as I can tell from the little I know about the guy -- I've always assumed he knew somebody at U-Dub who was working on it all the way back in 1991 or so, and incorporated it into his novel.

And now it's upon us. Living in the future is neat.
:: posted by Joshua, 9:11 AM

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