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Thursday, February 12, 2004

New York Times Launches a Political Something-er-other
The New York Times recently launched, Times on the Trail, a weblog-esque site that once again raises the question of what is a blog? From an interview with NYTimes.com's Len Apcar:

Do you consider Times on the Trail a Weblog?

I did not want to jump on the bandwagon and race to the lowest common denominator. Thatís not what I was about here. I really studied the blog space. I talked to a lot of bloggers. I went to a bloggers' conference. And I came away from them and I said, thereís a concept here we could use, and we could turn this into what was jokingly refered to for months as an information delivery device. But this whole business of whether a blog should be edited I thought was a red herring. The whole question of whether a newspaper could blog I thought was a red herring. So my view was, if you want to call it a blog, you can call it a blog. Iím not calling it a blog because I donít think itís a blog. Itís an updated news service.

( via Dan Gillmor)
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 8:43 PM

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