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Monday, June 02, 2003

FCC eases ownership restrictions
The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loosened restrictions on corporate ownership of media today, in a much-lobbied vote divided along political party lines. After this goes into effect, a single owner can hold both a newspaper and television station in the same city. The biggest tv networks can't own each other (although they are owned by other entities, now). Large radio companies now cannot expand their reach; indeed, the FCC might redraw some boundaries to force large (or "anomalous") holders over their legal limits.

Media companies looking to expand their holdings celebrated the ruling.

FCC chair Michael Powell defended the decision, arguing that it reflected changes in communications technology and supported diversity of expression. The FCC's take on their action:

Unprecedented Public Record Results in Enforceable and Balanced Broadcast Ownership Rules

The language of the de- or re-regulation might be too opaque and messy to have much effect, however.

(thanks to Jesse Walker)
:: posted by Bryan, 7:25 PM |

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