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Monday, March 31, 2003

Studio minions survey moviegoers to check for piracy
In recent screenings, agents of major movie studios were noticed patrolling theaters in order to nab screen-capturing pirates in the act.

People who attended at least two recent Warner screenings --
including the one on March 18 for "Dreamcatcher" at the ArcLight
Hollywood theater -- said night-vision-equipped security guards
walked the darkened aisles looking for evidence of illicit taping.

Media members and their guests were told to leave cell phones,
pagers and other electronic devices outside the theater. People were
then scanned with an electronic wand to ensure compliance.


An official with News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox said that in the last couple of weeks the studio banned cell phones at screenings and already had been successful using night-vision goggles and binoculars to catch pirates.

We'd do well to remember Lessig's admonition: it's about control.
(via Jesse Walker)
:: posted by Bryan, 3:40 PM |

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