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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Zittrain warns about ubicomp and IP
John Zittrain warns that the migration of computing away from desk/laptops and into distributed, diverse, multiple units runs the risk of increasing digital rights management (DRM) enforcement:

As we move to an appliance model of computing, something like a TiVo [digital video recorder] can become the place to store one's digital data--rather than a PC, which from a consumer point of view gets sick with viruses all the time, is in an inconvenient location in the house and is constantly going obsolete. As we go to an appliance model, it's much, much easier to control users' behaviors. I think we may look back and see the PC as an anomaly--how strange to run anything ending in ".exe." You don't normally get to write your own software for your coffeemaker or for your refrigerator or your lamp or your television or your VCR. So as we go to an appliance model that gives people more stability and predictability and longevity, I think we're going to lose the anarchic quality currently associated with PCs and the Internet.

(via Copyfight)
:: posted by Bryan, 11:23 AM |

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