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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Verizon duels with RIAA: DMCA subpoena
The story so far: the Recoding Industry Association of America (RIAA) asked Verizon, an internet service provider (ISP), to reveal the name and contact information of a Verizon subscriber, whom the RIAA considers to be a major peer-to-peer file-trading copyright pirate, citing an extraordinary provision of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Citing the "safe harbor" provisions of the same law, Verizon refused. The RIAA asked a federal judge to make Verizon comply. The ISP filed a brief, explaining its position, and was joined by numerous groups in a collective, supporting amicus brief.

There are several consequences of this RIAA-Verizon battle:

  1. Verizon may emerge as a leading opponent of "thick" copyright IP regime.
  2. Since the US Department of Justice is ready to prosecute copyright violators, look for renewed attention to the DMCA's ISP safe harbor provisions.
  3. Since the US Congress is considering legislation targeting p2p, look for more such lawmaking and policy tweaking.

(Thanks to Politech, CNet)
:: posted by Bryan, 10:21 AM |

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