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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Claims of rampant movie piracy
Peter Cherin - head of News Corp - tells* us movie theft (i.e., downloading and swapping) is taking off:

Chernin Claims Millions Of Pirated Movies Are Being Downloaded

"News Corp President and COO Peter Chernin has boosted the estimate of the number of illegally downloaded copies of movies to one million per day and has warned that the survival of the motion picture industry is "threatened by the lack of digital content protection." Some experts have expressed skepticism about such estimates -- Chernin's is nearly twice that of most others' in the industry, and even those have been criticized as highly exaggerated. Given current broadband limitations, most illegal movie downloads are believed to be carried out in college dorms with high-speed Internet access. Speaking at a Financial Times conference in London, Chernin was particularly critical of hardware manufacturers whom he accused of touting features on personal computers and other devices that allow -- and even encourage -- the copying of copyrighted material. "We are raising a generation that looks at stealing as being okay," he warned."

*temporary link, to be found at the IMDB archive

:: posted by Bryan, 11:25 AM |

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