February 06, 2002

Robots Tend Bar in Berlin Pub
Guardian Unlimited: Where Berlin goes to forget: welcome to the robo pub

"It is strictly a members-only establishment, yet there are no bouncers on the door. You get in by swiping a card through a reader attached to the frame. When I dropped by this week, my bottle of beer was served by a robotic arm that fetched it off a revolving platform inside the vending machine. And when I had finished with it, I put it on a conveyor belt and pressed a button. The conveyor belt jerked to life and carried the bottle unsteadily out of sight. " Posted by Donald Melanson at 03:15 PM

February 05, 2002

Taiwanese Company Offers Movie Streams for $1
This doesn't look like it'll be around for long, but movie88.com, a Taiwanese company, is is offering RealVideo streams of thousands of movies for $1 per three day rental. A wide selection is available ranging from classic films to recent releases, and loads of Japanese movies. Posted by Donald Melanson at 07:10 PM

February 04, 2002

Palm Set to Unveil new OS
Wired News: Much Riding on Palm's New OS

Palm will take the wraps of the beta version of Palm OS 5 on Tuesday, but it's not expected to incorporate many features of the Be OS, which Palm acquired last September, if any at all. The new OS will now run on Texas Instruments ARM processors, at speeds up to 206MHz, instead of Motorola's venerable Dragonball processor that current Palms are based on. Posted by Donald Melanson at 10:15 PM

Bowieart Window Pain Project II
"Last year saw Bowieart launch the Window Pain Project, a six-month series of exhibitions in a window on one of the capitals busiest streets in East London, now in the core of another of London's most animated districts comes the first of this year's Window Projects." Posted by Donald Melanson at 04:01 PM

February 03, 2002

Daily Relay is Syndicatin'
Daily Relay finally has an RSS feed. If you'd like to syndicate the blog, just click on the orange XML button. Please report any problems here, or to editor@mindjack.com. Posted by Donald Melanson at 12:31 AM

February 02, 2002

What's a science fiction writer to do?
I just love headlines like this: Monkey Moves Computer Cursor by Thoughts Alone.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - It may seem like science fiction, but scientists say they have developed a technology that enables a monkey to move a cursor on a computer screen simply by thinking about it.
Posted by Donald Melanson at 05:53 PM