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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Loud Report: Elephone, "Chump Change"
So I was listening to the radio on the way back into work - yeah, I listen to the local commercial alt-rock station, they're improving - and they were broadcasting live from their big festival concert. A local band opened the small stage, and I recognized them as having opened, forgettably, for Elephone at a show I went to. When they came backstage for an on-air interview, they absentmindedly said there weren't any other local bands they were into (yeah, that'll win you friends), then hastily added that a great one was Elephone - "they do a different thing from us, but yeah." So, yes, Elephone is a different thing from forgettable. I'm glad they have posted "Chump Change" at long last, because it illustrates all the pieces of what they do - prog drama, John Hughes-ish '80's pop, and post-punk freaking out all over the place. They often sound balanced on the precipice between sounding rigid/cold, and lighting up into the aforementioned out-freaking... which makes them positively electrifying to see live. But if you're not in SF, you will just have to buy their stuff.
:: posted by Mike Sugarbaker, 6:03 PM Comments (0)
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