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My Date with the Gnomes of San Jose
by Cory Doctorow
A First Person Account of the First Meeting of the Peer-to-Peer Working Group
October 15, 2000

Who Are You? Who Owns You?
by Jon Lebkowsky changes its privacy policy and raises more concerns about the ownership of personal data.

September 15, 2000

Mondays Are Hell
by Nicholas Carroll
Film noir meets the web in this (mostly) true Internet adventure story.
August 15, 2000

You Are Here
by David Brake
In the next five years just about anything and anyone with a global positioning receiver will be able to be located within just a few meters.
June 01, 2000

Nodal Politics
by Jon Lebkowsky
The first in a series of essays, exlusive to Mindjack, that led to the creation of Jon's upcoming book, Virtual Bonfire.

May 15, 2000

by Bryan Alexander

The uncanny acculturation of the internet
April 01, 2000




Converge This!
by Dan Richards

A look at the state of convergence technology and content.
December 01, 1999

Hazy Cosmic Jive
by Donald Melanson

The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence at home.
November 01, 1999

What I've Learned In Sixteen Years Online
by Elizabeth Lewis

Insights from a vetern.
September 15, 1999

The Mind of Howard Rheingold
(part 2)
September 15, 1999

The Mind of Howard Rheingold
(part 1)
September 01, 1999

The Razor's Edge: Rant and Purge E-mail
by p.l. frank
July 27, 1999

Organic Theater
by Dan Richards

Home Page, it's director Doug Block, and a new movement..
June 24, 1999

Straight No Chaser
by Dan Richards
April 03, 1999

The Stuggle Goes On. Class and the Information Age.
by David Howell
September 5, 1998

The Frankenstein Complex
by David Howell
August 20, 1998

The Razor's Edge: They're Wrong About Us
by p.l. frank
July 11, 1998

by Craig Saila
June 12, 1998

The Razor's Edge: Why The Digital Culture Is Good For You
by p.l. frank
May 11, 1998


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