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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Warner Gangsters
Warner Bros. has just announced what looks to be another superb box set: The Warner Gansters Collection, containing Angels with Dirty Faces, Little Caesar, The Petrified Forest, The Public Enemy, The Roaring Twenties and White Heat. I hope Martin Scorsese is involved with this in one way or another, he discussed a number of these movies in his excellent documentary A Personal Journey Though American Movies and did a great commentary for Warner's DVD of The Set-Up.
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 10/27/2004 Comments (0)
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Monday, October 25, 2004

THX 1138 on DVD
Here's my review of the new THX 1138 DVD, just published in Mindjack.
George Lucas' THX 1138 was the first and very nearly the last film produced by Francis Ford Coppola's indie studio American Zoetrope. As the excellent documentary included on the DVD, A Legacy of Filmmakers, explains, Zoetrope bet the company on Lucas' film, and its failure to impress Warner Bros. executives nearly bankrupt Coppola and his company.

It's not hard to see why studio execs would find the film puzzling. It is neither your average science fiction film nor your average independent film. When Warner Bros. agreed to fund the film, they were hoping to get a movie that appealed to the same audience that embraced Easy Rider a few years earlier. Instead they got a heady, avant-garde science fiction movie that appealed more to cineastes than to stoners.
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 10/25/2004 Comments (0)
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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Combustible Top 10
Jeff at Combustible Celluloid has posted his top ten horror films. It's an interesting list, with some films I haven't seen but have been meaning to.
1. Vampyr
2. Nosferatu
3. Cat People
4. Night of the Living Dead
5. Evil Dead II
6. Near Dark
7. The Old Dark House
8. Scanners
9. The Black Cat
10. The Shining
I'm not sure what my top ten would be, but it'd probably begin with The Bride of Frankenstein.
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 10/24/2004 Comments (0)
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Friday, October 08, 2004

Ebert Review Archive
Roger Ebert's website was recently redesigned and it looks great, but the best improvement is the addition of his entire review archive (it was previously limited to movies from 1985 onward). So now you can read his four star review of the original Dawn of the Dead or his two-and-a-half star review (blasphemy!) of Once Upon a Time in the West, among over 5000 other reviews.
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 10/08/2004 Comments (0)
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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Best British Films
Total Film magazine has published its list of the best British films. Get Carter tops the list, followed by A Matter of Life and Death, Trainspotting, The Third Man (my favorite on the list), and Life Of Brian.
:: posted by Donald Melanson, 10/03/2004 Comments (0)
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