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Java: Questions and Answers
by Borne Mace

For most questions exists an answer. The problem, especially with technical questions, is finding that answer. Another problem is finding an answer in words that a normal human being can understand. I have now been regularly answering questions about Java programming for about 3 years now, and am happy to offer this service to the readers of Mindjack magazine. I will be answering questions only about the Java programming language (not Javascript or HTML), and Object Oriented design.

Questions can be sent to me at bmace@mindjack.com. I will be choosing one or more questions to respond to in what will be a monthly column. If I get an outstanding amount of good questions (and have the time to answer them all) I may occasionally have two columns in a single month. If I don't respond to the question in my column then I most likely won't answer the question at all. I would love to help as many people as possible, but I do have a full time job so answering every question will not be feasible.

I look forward to receiving and answering some excellent questions, and we can all learn more about Java together.

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Borne Mace is a Java Evangelist, Computer Security Geek, and Student of Life and the Universe. (Perhaps one day able to understand it well enough to be a teacher/mentor).

The writer of this article welcomes your comments: bmace@mindjack.com