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vCity 1.0
by Dr. Adam L. Gruen

20 days in the life of a 21st century virtual city simulation.

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vCity 1.0
Chapter 28

"These new anarchic cities promise to provide an outlet for what men now fear to show directly.

In doing so, the structure of the city community will take on a kind of stability, a mode of ongoing expression, that will be sustaining to men because it offers them expressive outlets.

Anarchy in cities, pushing men to say what they think about each other in order to forge some mutual patterns of compatability, is thus not a compromise between order and violence;

it is a wholy different way of living..."

-- Richard Sennett --


It's early Wednesday morning, my 43rd birthday has arrived. I didn't sleep very well last night, I guess I was jittery in anticipation of the final vote tally of the referendum. But now the time has passed, it's almost dawn. Once again I am comfortably entrenched in my home office. The coffee is brewing, Plett is dozing, and all is well with the world. As I sit here in shorts and a T-shirt, going through a backlog of e-mail, I feel a great sense of happiness descend upon me as potent as the grace of God.

The only thing that comes close is the feeling I had when I was 17 years old, a senior in high school, in the early days of June just before graduation. The future was so wide open then; life was full of the remotest possibilities. I knew that I would be going off to the University in the autumn, but that was neither challenge nor burden. It was a merely a certainty and a destination, as meaningless as if I were about to take a 12-week cruise and someone had informed me that the port of debarkation would be Hobart, Tasmania. And now here I am again, adrift at the age of 43, to start on a new adventure of some kind.

Despite a last-day flurry of support from our Japanese customers, who love their pornographic animation industry and who wouldn't dream of a vCity without it, the tide carried the Exon Inspiration out to sea.

Holy maritime analogies, Batman (Trademark).

It was a close vote after all, about 47% voting no and 53% voting yes. The nowlinks expressed cautious approval over my Sunday statement to the GD; there seemed to be a general consensus that the site should be pulled and redesigned, then re-introduced. The main argument seems to be where the vCity "Red Light" district should go. Some people feel it should stay in Confluencia, some feel it should be shoved down under into Belowtown or over to Shantytown. A few express the notion that it should be part of the Sports & Entertainment Complex -- an interesting suggestion, since some of the sex scenes would require the endurance of a marathon runner and the agility of a gymnast.

There is a new nowlink called The Love Triangle that is showcasing VR pornographic sites all over the vCity. Apparently while everyone was concentrating on this one, another 19 have been introduced or were already running unbeknownst to the Zoning Council.

Hmmm. How many polygons in a love triangle?


TO: "Lee Ward" / VCID

FROM: First Citizen / VCID

DATE: 10 JUL 02, 05:56 EDT

RE: Exon Inspiration

Lee Ward:

Go, and simm no more.



TO: Goodwill Division / VCID:

FROM: First Citizen/ VCID:

DATE: 10 JUL 02, 05:58 EDT

RE: Zoning Violation Referendum Results on Exon Inspiration

By the corporate authority vested in me on 01 OCT 97, 00:01 EST, section VI, subsection X, paragraph 3, I hereby declare that the city coordinates (as attached) known as the Exon Inspiration are in violation of the zoning instructions for the Confluencia zoning volume in which it resides.

This registry listing shall be removed immediately by the will of the majority of registered vCitizens who voted to do so over the previous 20-day period ending 10 JUL 02, 02:26 EDT.

Also, by the rules of section VII, subsection II, paragraph 1, I hereby resign my position as Chairman of the Zoning Council.

First Citizen

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