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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

RFID Lamps Provide Augmented Reality
By combining RFID tags containing photosensors with portable projectors, researchers from Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) are bringing a revolution to inventory control. In "Projector lights radio tags," Technology Research News (TRN) says that the "Radio Frequency Identity and Geometry (RFIG) system consists of a hand-held projector that shines dynamic images onto physical objects of the user's preference, and radio frequency identification tags augmented with photosensors, which identify objects for the projector."

The RFIG lamps are demonstrated right now at the SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference held in Los Angeles. This system, which also could be used to guide robots or track movement of items in health care settings, should be available at reasonable costs within two or three years. This overview contains selected excerpts of the TRN article. It also includes very interesting photographs of a possibility offered by this new system. You can 'copy' a scene shot by the projector and 'paste' it later elsewhere, for example to review a scene too difficult to inspect on site.
:: posted by Roland Piquepaille, 3:30 PM Comments (0)
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