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Borne Mace is a Java Evangelist, Computer Security Geek, and Student of Life and the Universe. (Perhaps one day able to understand it well enough to be a teacher/mentor).

reviewed by Borne Mace

Battlezone producers Activision have truly outdone themselves with what I consider to be their most impressive piece of software to date.

I am not generally an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to pieces of software $40.00 and up, and based on the graphics on the Battlezone box it wasn't something someone with a 3Dfx compatible card would waste their time on. But some voice in me told me to get it and so I did, and there was much rejoicing.

Having played the original Battlezone many years ago, and knowing how game re-makes generally go, Pitfall for example (which means they don't go well). I started up the game expecting to drive around blowing fairly pixilated communists to tiny bits, but what was presented to me was something else entirely foreign to what I had known.

Through a series of training missions Battlezone gets you used to the interface and how to control allied forces during the game. That's right, this game is far beyond run and gun, we are talking strategy at a level beyond what Command and Conquer could have ever dreamed of.

The graphics are well on par with several of the more graphically impressive games as of late, such as Wing Commander Prophecy. Explosions may not be quite as spectacular in Battlezone as in Prophecy, but then again you don't see vehicles exploding into a shockwave of light inside of an atmosphere anyway. The graphics are not only clear but the gameplay is very smooth.

This is the first game I have seen that bridges the gap between simulation games such as F-15 (since the hover tanks in Battlezone handle more like a jet then they do a tank) and strategy games like Command and Conquer. Not only does Battlezone bridge this gap, but it does it in a way that is both innovative and effective.

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