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Microsoft in Court
the Department of Justice takes on the software giant

As you've probably noticed, our coverage of the trial hasn't been updated in a while. Our past coverage will remain available here and if there are any earth-shattering developments we'll be sure to post the details. If you're craving for some daily coverage we recommend Wired News or

Past Coverage of the Trial

Day 15: Gates video gets a laugh
November 16, 1998

Day 14: Intel witness has a tough round against Microsoft
November 12, 1998

Day 13: Gates in '95 said 'antitrust thing will blow over'
November 10, 1998

Day 12: Bill Gates' testimony
November 9, 1998

Day 10: Apple wanted to sue us for US$1.2B, says Microsoft
November 4, 1998

Day 9: Gates testifies...on video
Bill Gates' testimony
November 2, 1998

Day 8: Microsoft says AOL was tough
October 29, 1998

Day 7: Microsoft: AOL and Netscape agreed to dividing market
October 28, 1998

Day 6: Evidence mounts agains Microsoft
October 27, 1998

Day 4: Microsoft wanted to divide market, says Barksdale
October 22, 1998

Day 3: Netscape wanted Microsoft to invest
October 21, 1998

Day 2: Microsoft's say
October 20, 1998

Day 1: The DoJ's opening statement
October 19, 1998

More Information

  • Microsoft's information on the trial
  • The U.S. Department of Justice's section on the trial

Craig Saila
Contributing Editor


David 1, Goliath 0
by Elizabeth Weaver Engel

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