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Incase PDA Case

reviewed by Donald Melanson

I've been using a PalmPilot Personal since it was first released way back when, and I've also been using the same flimsy case that came with it. It has never posed much of a problem since I've been very careful and thankfully my Pilot's still in one piece. I have, however, always kept my eye out for a case that would offer more protection at a reasonable price and still manage to look cool. Finding one that meets all three of these criteria has proven to be somewhat of a challenge but I think I've found a contender with the PDA case from Incase Designs.

The sleek zippered case uses what has become the bane of Pilot geeks everywhere, a velcro strip attached to the memory cover. In my first few days of using the Incase, the cover ripped off a number of times, not a pleasant sight, but after more use I learned to remove the Pilot carefully. This is a small nuiscance but I've gotten used to it and I can't say it's that big a problem. Plus the PalmPilot can be easily used while it's in the case, so the only time you're likely to be removing it is to hotsync.

The zipper on the case goes full around, allowing you to open the case Star Trek-style. It becomes a handful, however, if you try to fold it all the way back. On the inside there is room for business/credit cards, some cash, and a stylus.

Most importantly, the case feels very sturdy and well made. There should be no problem tossing it in a backpack or even tossing it to someone across the room (although I haven't tried the latter).

Meeting the thrid criteria stated above, the Incase does in fact look very cool. The exterior is made of neoprene so it's soft to touch while still offering great protection. And it's available in three colors (black, blue and red), all of which look great.

If you can get past the velcro this is the best case I've seen in the sub-$30 range. Incase also makes cases for larger handhelds, cell phones and cameras. If only they made laptop cases, then all your gear could match.


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Donald Melanson is the editor in chief of Mindjack and is constantly learning in the job.

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