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Chapter Eight

The Creation of Sector Beta

After the designs for Beta had been drafted, redrafted and finalized the Blue Men begin the actual construction. Alpha had been built during sessions held in the secretive room in the temple, in three-dimensional space-time. The workshop for Beta would be fourth-dimensional Alpha. The new sector would be fashioned all-at-once, outside of space-time.

Some interesting observations had been made about the men who had remained in sector Alpha for periods of several days. On their return to 3D in the Egg, it was discovered that facial hair had not grown at all. Any normal man usually needs a shave after a few days, but these men returned as smooth as the day day they had moved. Furthermore, their watches had only moved a few minutes, rather than hours or even several days. Some of the men even had date indicators. Even after days in Alpha, the watches displayed they had returned the same day as they have left.

Of course, the Egg and shizz sessions had lasted an average of thirty minutes. The time the men wished to spend in Alpha was also predtermined, and was included in the field-coordinates set by the Egg. By using Alpha as the base to build Beta, they were under no time constraints. There was no time in Alpha, or if there was, the men determined it to be virtually incalculable.

The designs and plans the men had made estimated the time-line for contructing Beta at approximately two years. Of course they knew they didn't have two years or even two weeks. From the time that Cherry had given the men the information about the Wanderers to the time all the necessary men and supplies had been moved to Alpha, three weeks had passed. After that, Alpha served as HQ and workshop for Beta.

Once in Alpha the men continued working. The first order of business was the new mover. Red continued to oversee the project and eventually the mover was finished. It was called the Projektor. The new Projektor mover had some quite interesting properties differentiated it from the Egg. The Egg was a three-dimensional object. The Projektor was a fourth-dimensional field. Yes, it had the appearance of a finite object, as did most of the things in Alpha, but the Projektor had a field-magnification control, in the form of a dial, that allowed it to be dialated and contracted to any size necessary for a particular job. The Egg had allowed the men to move chairs and tables, and eventually even buildings and small plots of land. The Projektor would allow the men to move mountains.

Simultaneously, the new booster had also been discovered and synthesized. Boomer had been in charge. He called it Zeenot, which had the opposite effect of shizz — which collapsed the space-time continuum. Zeenot expanded a space-time continuum from a single preselected non-local point in the fourth-dimension. Stay with me here. The men had created Alpha by slowly expanding it with the introduction of three-dimensional objects. The first object to be placed in Alpha was a marble. Zeenot created a three-dimensional space-time continuum instantly. The dimensions could be preselected, and objects and even of any size could be introduced with the Projektor. I can see you're scratching your head. Here. Think of the photography process. Let's take a picture. The subject is real, the film is blank. And we can take a picture of any size object we wish. Let's take a picture of the setting sun. Ok. Now we have a undeveloped negative inside the camera. We removed the film in darkness and develop the negative. We can then use that negative in a darkroom on an enlarger, and theorically make a positive image as large as we wish, with certain restrictions, of course.

Now, it will become clear. The blank film is a mind concentrating on a selected thoughtform. The thought itself is the subject of the picture. So, we have a thought of an object but it is still undeveloped. The developer is the booster, Zeenot, which, when applied, results in a developed negative. That developed negative is then magified and reversed in the enlarger, which in this case is the mover, or Projektor. The Projektor is then used to focus the postive image. If we were in a regular darkroom, we would see a flat two-dimensional image. In the case of the Projektor, a three-dimensional field is created. Much like a movie projector in a theater, except the field created by the Projektor turns into an honest-to-goodness real kick-the-tires three-dimension field. And that field contains actual, real objects, not images. The difference between an object and a field is that the field contains objects which exist in relationship to other objects and others fields of objects, and on and on.

Amazing what can be accomplish in the fourth dimension.

The Blue Men continued on with their work and before they knew it everything was in place and ready for what the had hailed as the Big Show. Zeenot was handed out and everyone reported to their stations and commitees.

Here is an account of the creation of Beta.

In the beginning, The Projektor was dialated to infinitely-massive dimensions and created a three-dimension field. The Land and Grounds Commitee created a large spheric mass. It was dark, empty and formless.

The Commitee of Skies and Seasons created a field of light and separated the light from the darkness. It looked pretty good to them.

The Electric, Gas and Water Systems Commitee created some big ditches and drained the water from the land.

The Land and Grounds Commitee got all the water in one place so the land could dry.

The Land and Grounds Commitee created diverse lands with every kind of grass, plant, vegetation and fruits. Things grew pretty fast from there, and they were jazzed about it.

The Commitee of Skies and Seasons finally got to make night and day. They hung up some lights and stars in the skies. They let the whole process crank around once, and thought it was pretty good.

The Electric, Gas and Water Systems Commitee created all sorts of birds and bugs to fly above the planet. The Electric, Gas and Water Systems Commitee stocked the waters up nice and good with fish. The Social and Public Relations Commitee introduced all the creatures from their respective kind to each other, and encouraged them to intermingle and get to know each other intimately. Looked pretty good so far.

The Land and Grounds Commitee put all kinds of animals over the ground and the Social and Public Relations Commitee got them all grouped together by kind and encouraged fun and frolicking. Good.

Then the Social and Public Relations Commitee said, "We need some people for the Big Show." All the men from Alpha, save three, were moved to Beta. The commitees saw that was particulary good, and shook hands and patted each other on the back in general approval.

By the time the Blue Men had finished their work and were safely in sector Beta, they were tired. They had done a big job, so they took a break for the day and rested.


The next day the Housing and Towns Commitee set about building housing and establishments for the guests who would soon be arriving. The commitee members were in good spirits and created a lot of recreational areas and even an amusement park. One thing they reasoned was that shocked and suprised people suddenly showing up in sector Beta should at least be able to have some fun.

The major developments of the Housing and Towns Commitee were initially established in the eastern part of Beta. The Land and Grounds Commitee created beautiful gardens and hung the trees with twinkly lights that were pleasing to the eye. In the middle of the garden in the main square something was needed to commemorate Beta and stand as a symbol of their creation. They decided to plant a cherry tree in honor of Cherry's pivotal role in the all of the events that had transpired from his tooth-breaking bike accident to his position currently on Alpha as an informant on the movements of the Wanderers.

It was also decided that another tree should be planted. A tree that would serve as a constant reminder to the Blue Men that in the middle of all their seemingly miraculous creations, there were deadly serious matters involved in the formation of sector Beta. They created a hybrid of an orange tree and a lemon tree, and called it the tree of the remembering of sweet and sour.

Everything in sector Beta was almost complete and ready. Just a few finishing touches and all would be in order. Boomer was moved to Alpha to check in with Cherry on the progress of the Wanderers. Boomer was informed that Chipper had by that time been in jail for seven days, and that on the eleven hour of the eleventh day the Wanderers would shizz ten thousand unsuspecting people in different cities all over the world. Boomer returned to Beta with the news.

The Blue Men in Beta knew that ten-thousand people shizzing in a free atmosphere without an Egg could be disasterous. Not only was there a good chance that a lot of people might be killed, but the untold amount of thoughtform-projected objects that could possibly materialize was unthinkable. Furthermore, they knew that if the Wanderers could create so much havoc and destruction by handing out shizz-laced food for a few minutes — obviously a pattern of greater and greater organized attacks by the Wanderers could very well pose a major threat to the entire world population. The Blue Men knew that the Wanderers could cripple mankind and even seize control of the most influencial private and political institutions. Chipper had turned into a madman possessing the very real potential to destroy everything.

That would not happen. Sector Beta had been prepared.


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to be continued...



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