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issue 06/01/2000

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vCity 1.0
by Dr. Adam L. Gruen

20 days in the life of a 21st century virtual city simulation.

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by Jonathan Kellerman

- reviewed by Andrea Brown-Hurley

Get ready for another glimpse into the muddled mind of madness through the analytical eyes of Dr. Alex Delaware.

Jonathan Kellerman's smooth and sharp protagonist is back in action with rough-around-the-edges Det. Milo Sturgis, and the author wastes no time introducing the reader to the fragmented world of the insane.

Welcome to Starkweather Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Meet larger-than-life Chet, a member of the wacko clan. "The Giant knew Richard Nixon," the book begins- and it gets even weirder.

A slobbering, long-speechless psychotic has been locked away at Starkweather for years following his conviction for a grisly multiple murder. Ardis Peake may now hold the key to solving a new series of sicko slayings.

First an outgoing, young male actor turns up in two parts- sawn in half in the trunk of a car. Then a bright but reclusive female doctor meets a similiarly gruesome end. What's the connection? And where are the victims' eyes?

Enter forensic psychologist Delaware and his LAPD pal, who search for answers to such questions in a madman's jumbled ramblings and troubled past. What they find is likely to keep you awake at night.

Kellerman weaves a masterful tale, leading the reader through a dark and twisting labyrinth of disjointed clues and surprise connections.

You may never look at eyeballs the same way again.

Andrea Brown-Hurley is a journalist living in Hagerstown, Md. She often sleeps with her light on.


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