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Kevin Asher
art from the machine
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I choose to work in scrap steel for several reasons. The first of which is the texture. I don’t just mean the texture and color of rusting steel, but that adds to it. I like the texture of the machine itself. The inhumanness of the machine or it’s components. It has order in direct contrast to our chaos. It’s patterns tell a tale of great achievement of mankind over the universe.

I also like steel because of it’s sense of permanence. It is malleable when hot, but just for an instant. As soon as it looses it’s heat it becomes unshapeable by mere mortals.

And lastly I like the nostalgia of the material. This was made by another person in such a long ago time. I marvel at each piece, wondering why they made it. How was it made, and how important was this piece or that? Half the fun of the whole process is the discovery of my materials and what purpose they once served.



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Kevin Asher is a freelance graphic artist from mid-Michigan. In the last year his sculptures have received acclaim in several gallery competitions in the mid-Michigan area. Currently his work is on display at BC Beans in Wyandotte Michigan. In February he will be in Philidelphia at the Niche Design Convention, where he is a finalist in their annual design and style awards.

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